What Hope

No seed of hope,
no kernel of life,
just grainy ash.
What hope?

All past fire burnt out.
All beauty destroyed.
All riches extinguished.

Look again, all is not lost.
Look again with eyes willing to see.

Ash not of despair but a cross of hope,
a gateway to new life,
the touch, the feel of love.

Stirring the ash into new flames.
Shaping the ash into ultimate beauty.
Refining the ash into pure gold.

Nothing is beyond the reach of God,
the love of God.
Who takes the ash of our lives,
our churches,
our world,
and fashions it anew.

Look at the ash,
and see not the decay of yesterday.
Missed opportunities,
poor understanding,
broken dreams.

Look and see,
the promise of a better tomorrow
all our beings turned to the future.
Tearing down barriers not of God’s making,
breaking cords that cuttingly bind,
righting past wrongs.

Ash claimed as God’s own.
Full of life, of love, the promise of glory.
What hope!


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