What is happening?

I have house guests, for six month or so – indefinite board and lodgings.

One is a ball of fluff, the other a tiny wee, feisty thing.  They spent their first night and day moving from under one article of furniture to another. Hiding… trying to work out what was happening.

Then, they ventured out to join the rest of the four legged family.  A very grumpy cat, who is such a lovely creature, but only in her own company.  A hyperactive dog, whose main aim is just… to play. Lots of growling, barking and hissing ensued.  No claws though (apart from on my husband, who only wanted to be a friend too).

This morning, as I got up to do the usual rounds of filling bowls with food and water, there was a kind of ballet being performed as each creature moved from room to room with hardly any contact.  The initial worries, struggles and growls are being worked out amongst each animal as they learn the boundaries and expectations.

Yesterday the theme of the service was self-discipline and what we need to do during this Lent season and beyond to be good Christian people.  This is a time of self-denial, when we struggle to give up things that we love.   A time when we meditate on Jesus, his struggle and turmoil.  I am pretty sure that there was a lot of self-discipline, struggling, turmoil and understanding of each other happening in this household over these past few days amongst cats, dog and  people.

There will be joy at the end of this journey.