Driftwood and Sunset

Driftwood on Lake Huron - 5 October 2007

Sometimes chaos in our lives brings out pleasant and peaceful outcomes.

This piece of driftwood on the shore for Lake Huron sits peacefully reflecting in a pool on a sunny evening in October 2008. It may have been brought there by a storm, but the tranquility comes out.

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Lighthouse and Rockpools

Peggy's Cove, NS - 30 September 2007

With all of life’s challenges, memories tend to dwell on the significant, and posible traumatic events. However there are times when everything is tranquil, however the memory is there. Here the peaceful shore line is seen. The calm rockpools and clear sky make this a peaceful place to be, with the lighthouse standing guard in times of stormy weather.

The view across the rocks and rockpools to the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. The North Atlantic can be inhospitable at times. On a peaceful day, the lighthouse stands guard to warn mariners of the dangers associated with the rocks.

Rocks and Waves

Rocks and Waves on the Pacific Coast of Oregon - 25 September 2008
Rocks and Waves on the Pacific Coast of Oregon

Most of the time life goes along on an even keel, challenges and pleasures keep us going – much like this picture with the breakers coming over the rock on a sunny afternoon.

However, life occasionally throws up a significant, potentially life changing challenge – this coast has seen considerable changes, with storms from across the ocean contributing to the current rocky view. The signs posted on the access path warn of tsunami which have the could change the coast at any time.

The waves from the Pacific Ocean breaking on the rocks on the Southern Oregon Coast on a sunny September afternoon. On a peaceful day, the Pacific Ocean is living up to its name.


Rapids in the Aberglaslyn Pass
Rapids through the Aberglaslyn Pass

How often does life present so many challenges and opportunities to us such that we feel we are being swamped. There are many decisions to make, however we run the risk of being swept along by the rapid flow.

Just like a river. On quiet days a placid trickle will flow from the mountains to the sea, however after a heavy rain the quiet river will become a raging torrent.

The Afon Glaslyn in full spate through the Aberglaslyn Pass following a day torrential rain in October 2008. The power of the river can be seen in these rapids with a bare bush in the foreground. This river in North Wales brings water out of Snowdonia to the west Wales coast at Porthmadog.