Give us today our daily bread

I walked around the building soaking in the history, the atmosphere, the splendour, the intricate needlework, the stone, the carvings, the walls, the vaulted ceiling, the arches, the people and the prayers.  I stood in awe of all the colourful stained glass,and then I saw it.  It had been at my back when I walked in and I had missed it.  I had completely forgotten that this is where it resided.  But, now, it took me by surprise.

I have a postcard size of it on my dresser and notice it every day, but here it was in all it’s colourful glory.  I remember being the only person in a group of half a dozen or so seeing the abstract composition as Jesus and his disciples at a table, and falling for the colours and meaning of the picture.

A man in his flowing, purple cloak walked towards me, full of knowledge and explanation, but, he caught my eye, and then backed off.  He could see that all I wanted was to look in wonder at the full size version of my little print.

The colours were brilliant and as the light streamed through the blue, purple, red, yellow and green glass, all I could do was stand and soak it in.  I could have stood there indefinitely but it was time to move on.  Reluctantly I left it’s grasp.

Now, I look at the print of the Daily Bread window in Durham Cathedral and I don’t see it as a little 6×4 picture, I see it in full dimensions and remember how I felt when I came face to face with the wonder.