We share food treasure.

‘Daily, ordinary spiritual experience.
These create sacred spaces …
Quiet current of sacredness’

Brian D McLaren. Naked Spirituality

image read, liquorice and things.

The pathways wind and twist through the mountains to Kinlochleven, dropping downwards to that long, narrow inlet of the sea. Along the pathways there are people, distanced and tiny. They walk on their own tracks, journeys beginning at the beginning, wending, threading in and out and around one another. Each pathway forms its own strand of moving and exploring.

Some are alone, making the pilgrimage of the individual.
Some are in companionship already.

Then … strand touches strand and relationship is born. Woven contact brings excitement and sharing.

There are the two girls from Glasgow. They appear every so often and share journey space.
They share their liquorice … lovely colours of allsorts, stripy sugar sandwiches, speckled colour bombs … long strands of sweetness.

The Lorry driver from The Netherlands shares his story. The pathways are alive with conversation. A father walks, his little daughter on his shoulders, the lightness of the shared burden.

All share complaining of sore feet.

Sandwiches are shared with each other … and the sheep.
So many others, little and distanced, now become close, entwined as friends.

Sharing, we are fed … by bread … by laughter … by liquorice … and thirst-quenched by clear water.

The strands separate, flowing and weaving once more, but each carries the imprint of another … an imprint of love and generosity.

Sometime, somewhere … will there be recognition and holy awareness … somewhere?

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