…and the darkness did not overcome the Light


Jesus’ trial happened at night. The murky darkness is illuminated by a candle; and, more than ever, by the presence of the still figure.  He is the source of light – when the candle has burnt out, his light will remain. His stillness dominates: without words he overcomes the High Priest and his pointing finger…  I look at his hands     crossed;     at his face         marvel at the serenity.
‘Goodness is stronger than evil; Love is stronger than hate; Light is stronger than darkness; Life is stronger than death; Victory is ours through Him who loves us’   – Desmond Tutu

“In this conflict with conventional religion, Jesus’ silence ought to give all religious people pause for thought about our confident judgements of right and wrong. It is so easy to misuse scripture, as is shown in this picture in which confident judgement is made by an open book.” (Rowan Williams)


6 thoughts on “…and the darkness did not overcome the Light

  1. Thanks Lavender. I enjoyed your interpretation as much as those you quote. What’s the name of the painting? I’ve never seen it before.

    1. The Painting is called ‘Christ before the High Priest’ and it is by Gerrit van Honthorst, [painted about 1617] If you have a chance to see a larger reproduction, it is wonderful – the quality of the light, the stillness of the people, the focus that remains always on Christ.

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