Deep and Silent

Glen Masan

Deep and silent and cool as a broad, still, tree-shaded river
is the peace of thy presence, thou rest of our souls.
From the thousand problems of this our hurrying life
we turn, with silent joy, to plunge in thee,
to steep our souls in thy quiet depths
where no clamour of earth disturbs our perfect content.
Thou art our home and refuge;
in thee we are safe and at peace:
ever in the din and hurry of the world
we know that thou art near,
we know that close at hand – closer than our little life –
floweth that silent river of thy presence and love.
In a moment be surrounded and soaked in thy peace:
in a moment, as this world clangs round us,
we may rest secure in the bliss of thine eternity.

J.S. Hoyland 1887-1957
Prayers for the Night


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