Silence Speaks With Many Voices


Silence speaks with many voices:

the silence after an echo, before the next bar resumes the melody;

the silence of not-knowing, in the face of wonder, fear or loss;

the silence before a word takes shape, and the silence to which the word points;

the silence of simple consciousness, of awakened awareness;

the silence of the desert, in which demonic voices arise and are then silenced by silence itself;

the silence of one whose words have been stolen, whose voice has been denied;

the silence of one who faces his accusers, refusing to play their game of terror;

the silence between us as we rest in the knowledge of our communion;

the aching-peaceful silence of death;

the silence of eternity, interpreted by love.

William Dyce’s Man of Sorrows is in the collection of the ational Galleries of Scotland, image from Wikipedia Commons

2 thoughts on “Silence Speaks With Many Voices

  1. This is a truly beautiful post. Thank you, John. I always enjoy your blogs but I think this is one of your loveliest.

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