The Unseen Dust

There are times when our eyes are suddenly opened for us.

Times when we suddenly become aware of things around us.

Things that are always there only tend to go unseen.

We all do it, none of us are immune.

One of those times is when the sun streams through the window and catches the dust in the air.

You glance up from your chair, your book falling to your knees, the warm sun streaming through the window and warming your skin distracting you from the text that has so beguiled you that, instead of being out there in that sun, you sit inside and read.  The sun however is having none of it, the sun reaches into your hiding place and makes you pay attention to it.  And so you are looking up towards the window and between you also lit by the suns warm beams are flecks of dust dancing around the room.  Of course those motes are always there, floating about in the air around us we are just blind to them, unaware of their presence as we go about our daily activities.  Oh yes somewhere we know they are there but they only come into view in the light of the sun, it is only then our attention is drawn to them, only then we notice them in our midst.

Flecks of dust hidden in our midst, unseen expect by the light of the sun.

What else is hidden right before us, right in our midst?

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