And the Trees of the Field

Scots Pine_edited-1

Dust and the seed embrace. From the earth spring the tendrils of life.

Reaching upwards and forwards, we face the storms.  Nourished by the soft spring showers, enriched by the summer’s glow, we ready ourselves for the trials of autumn and winter.

How deep are our roots, how strong the anchors? Have we prayed together; like the rustling of leaves through the forest down the years?  Have we worshipped and loved together, so that our roots entwine and in God run deep and true?

So that, as the forests around us fade into the mist and we stand alone, wiser and blessed, facing the One who loves us, have we matured, have we been all that we were called to be?

Now is the time to open our hearts and reach out to God. For nourishment, for understanding. Now is the time to stand and to listen. So that, at the last when we lean forward to hear the beat of the earth’s heart, as we stoop down to embrace the dust, we can clap our hands with joy.

Photograph courtesy of Gordon Nichol


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