Founder’s Day

File:World Organization of the Scout Movement flag.svg

This was, once upon a time, a significant day in my Annual Calendar.  Founder’s Day.  The birthday of Lord Baden-Powell and his wife – the founders of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.  You see, once upon a time, I  was a Cub Scout.  I learn a lot, some of which I have long since forgotten (not being in the habit of tying up my horse outside saloons these days, my Highwayman’s Hitch has long since ceased to be operational).  But good principles on loyalty, team work and service of others (remember Bob-a-Job Week?) were inculcated.

Of course, I got a bit older, into my teens and after a while in the Scouts, moved on to something else (Ambulance Cadets) but the good bits of Baden-Powell’s ideas in the movements he and his wife started continue to influence me.

The same thing has happened in my religious journey.  There have been a variety of influences – Ignatian, Carmelite, Franciscan, Benedictine.  At different times, they have influenced me more or less.  The good remains.  The rich mixture makes me who I am today.

Thank you God.

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