There is a man…

There is an annoying man at Church. He has spent his entire life as a member of the congregation of that church. He was baptized there and has worshipped there Sunday by Sunday to this day. So what annoys me about him? He talks to me before the Sunday Eucharist rather than letting me pray quietly, he engages me in conversation as I go up to the Altar at the Eucharist.

Then I find out more about him – he was a traffic warden (maybe not the best thing to find out) but now he is retired spends his time doing the gardens for a round of elderly people. He heard it mentioned by the Rector that she would like some sort of Calvary created at the front of the Church – within two days he had created a rockery (using the pieces from a stone cross that fell from the church roof in the gales). And then, at the Palm Sunday service he gave us the following together with two other devotional pieces that were printed on gloss paper – we are often visited by Angels in disguise.

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