I love You more than any other

This is Holy Week, Jesus’ final week with us on earth.  A week of pain and turmoil, of prayer and passion and, most of all, hurt and …love.


I spent Saturday sharing a wonderful day with family at my cousin’s wedding.  A day that was full of love and happiness.  Love is both strong and fragile.   Strong love brings two people to commit their lives to each other in the presence of God.  It makes them want to protect and cherish each other, but it can also be extremely fragile and has to be looked after.  Fragile love need to be protected and cherished too.  Then, each day, it will thrive and grow stronger.

The service, as always, was peppered with signs of love.  “Love Divine, all loves excelling” was sung.  Readings were heard from Song of Songs and A A Milne!  Vows taken with smiles and hands holding each other as the commitments were made.  Love from family and friends as they witness promises and pass on good wishes and congratulations. Love and happiness between the guests, as the years apart were caught up on.

Love was all around us on Saturday.  As we have moved through the trials and turmoil of Lent and Jesus’ struggle this week, on his journey to resurrection.  Let us all remember that it will end with the His gift of love for us all to share.

So, as we all sang together, in the little church full of love, Holy Week was starting…


               You’re my friend and You are my brother

               Even though You are a King.

               I love You more than any other,

               So much more than anything.

…and were sharing God’s love through His family.  Strong and fragile.


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