Flying free…

Let’s go fly a kite

Up where the air is bright

Let’s go fly a kite

And send it soaring…


Research by the mental health charity, Mind, has proven that for 70 per cent of those suffering from mild forms of depression, watching a kite flying made them feel happier.

It can be a benefit to all of us, as arms and shoulders are exercised by holding on to the kite and keeping it in control.  To root it to the ground this involves leg muscles.  Then the most important muscles of all, who cannot fail to smile at the colourful shape on the end of an almost invisible line.

Then there is spiritual health. Watching or flying a kite can be one of the most freeing experiences.  Imagine climbing up into the air and being able to look down, around, above and all the things you would be able to see and hear. Hold on to the line and take a spiritual journey through the line into the colour of the material as it stretches over the sticks that hold the shape and become the kite.  There would still be a connection to the ground through the string, but then the movement would start.  Climbing, swooping, almost touching the ground, and up again, hovering, then a little more string, getting braver, and higher.  I am sure there would be angels to play with as well.  Then, when you had found the current, hover, let yourself flap in the wind and be with God.  Speak and listen and be free.

For Easter this year, as they do in many countries to represent the risen Christ, I would like a kite.  Much better for you than an egg…


Up through the atmosphere

Up where the air is clear

Let’s go

Fly a kite……


(Sherman Brothers for Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins)

3 thoughts on “Flying free…

  1. Thanks for such a simple and effective idea. Have been thinking about getting a kite for a while – now high on the priority list…

  2. How uncanny. Only this weekend I was remembering my all singing and all dancing “Peter Powell” kite I was given as a gift in the early 1980’s. And thinking how exhilarating it was to see the blur of bright yellow swoop swoop and loop the loop.

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