This year the winter was not that bad.  Or was it? We did not have the snow that covered the ground for six week, but we did have winds.  Stronger than they had been for a long time.  Trees toppled like dominoes all around, electricity cables snapped and roads were blocked.  Thank goodness for those with chainsaws.

However, because the task of clearing roads and driveways was rushed, to allow access, trunks and branches were moved to verges and banks, and, there they lay.

Yesterday I noticed that the daffodils, that hide in the ground for months on the bank at the bottom of our drive, had managed to push their way through the tangles of branches and ferns and are, amazingly, beginning to bloom.

Most of us, who are faced with a tangle of branches blocking our way, would look for a different route or even stay where we were and wait for the blockage to be moved.  How resilient these little bulbs must be.  They poke their leaves through the ground and know that the light is there somewhere.  They head through the debris covering them and, at last, they can stick their little yellow heads out into the light.


You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)



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