Lenten Nakedness


Stripped bare for Lent down to the framework God has built,
the skeleton that is to be re-clothed.
Re-clothed with new shoots
fresh growth
and God given beauty.
Day by day the purple of sorrow will fade from view,
not in a blink of an eye but gradually
little by little.

With eyes willing to see
can we see what God sees?
With all the trappings we have placed removed
with nothing – not even a fig leaf –
to hide behind in our own Lenten nakedness.
Can we see?
See what God sees,
as God sees,
the potential, the promise,
the bright raiment waiting to clothe us.
Clothe us in a splendour beyond our imagination,
beyond our wildest dreams,
beyond all hope and reason.

4 thoughts on “Lenten Nakedness

    1. Thank you Rosemary, the photo isn’t a terribly good one taken with a mobile phone but I just knew that there were Lenten words just bursting to get out as soon as the sight hit my eyes.

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