Prayer partner

Not a new poem, but one written out of a powerful experience of shared prayer.

And as she wrestled her

headlong thoughts into

focus, strong hands

enfolded and controlled

as if invisible reins

had felt a master’s touch.

And for a timeless space

the shared prayer streamed

beneath the virgin’s gaze

to join the glass-note song

that pierces with its love.

We prayed, you and I,

as the virgin watched.

That much was clear.

But did you know

the turbulence calmed,

the weakness held,

the prayer borne up

on the warmth of your

silent companionship?

I think she know, awaiting

the sword that pierced her soul.



One thought on “Prayer partner

  1. Thank you, Chris.

    I was going to post today, but failed to do so before church and the time difference from the States is telling.

    Now, I think I shall simply take your poem as a gift, and not begin writing.

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