The covenant of fear

Look at me. I am the serpent on the pole. I am copper and livid, and I disgust. I am all you fear. I am the colour of corpses in the sun. I am the rustle in the shade. Look and sicken. Look on death.

Look at me, I am the man on the cross. Look at me, for I am all you fear. I am torture and a slow death. I am the loss of purpose. I am futility. My life ebbs out in pain. Look at me, and fear.  Fear there is a universe founded on loss.

In me you see the worm who destroys the child’s eyeball. In me you see the parasitic wasp who eats through the ladybird, and kills in bursting its skin. See, I am the cuckoo who destroys the meadow pipit. I am death and horror.

I have been there from the beginning, and I am in everything. You cannot escape, for I am in you too. Look at me and see the fullness of futility, the pain, the death of reason, the worst that can be. The terror is that I, in whom all suffering is summed up, I am the creator. I am what was and is and is to be.

Look at me and be healed.

With acknowledgement to Rabbi Arthur Waskow and Rabbi Phyllis Berman.  Red blood Red Cow, Red Dye, Staring Life and Death in the face.

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