I came across a quotation from Julian of Norwich recently which reads:

If God were angry with us, even for a moment, then we would cease to exist.

In these stark days of Lent it is all too easy to dwell on the negative. Like today’s Old Testament reading from Exodus telling of the 10 Commandments. How often do we focus on the negative aspect – the what-not-to-dos?  When instead we should be thinking about what we can do, how we can keep the commandments. Like honouring God’s holy name; keeping the Sabbath holy; loving and honouring our parents; seeking to preserve and defend life; telling our loved ones that we do indeed love them; sharing what we have with the poor; defending the good name of anyone; putting ourselves out to help a neighbour.

Of course, God won’t love us any more. We don’t keep the commandments so that God will love us – we keep the commandments because God loves us.

There is only one law – the law of love.

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