Rapids in the Aberglaslyn Pass
Rapids through the Aberglaslyn Pass

How often does life present so many challenges and opportunities to us such that we feel we are being swamped. There are many decisions to make, however we run the risk of being swept along by the rapid flow.

Just like a river. On quiet days a placid trickle will flow from the mountains to the sea, however after a heavy rain the quiet river will become a raging torrent.

The Afon Glaslyn in full spate through the Aberglaslyn Pass following a day torrential rain in October 2008. The power of the river can be seen in these rapids with a bare bush in the foreground. This river in North Wales brings water out of Snowdonia to the west Wales coast at Porthmadog.


5 thoughts on “Rapids

  1. This is lovely. There’s a real depth to the water just before the eye reaches the foaming bit, and this seems somehow appropriate to the season.

  2. BEAUTIFUL i just love it, but not sure whether i love the text more, or the image 😀

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