The Desert Well

What makes the desert beautiful’, said the little prince, ‘is that somewhere it hides a well.’

Antoine de Saint-Exupery – The Little Prince


Find the well and drink deep, soften your lips, revive your tongue, lubricate your throat, moisten your mouth; but more than that, much much more than that, refresh your heart – then with the discomfort and pain of speech removed and an overflowing heart … then … stay in the dessert, for a while at least, and share the well.

Help loosen the confusion which stops those who can see the well but do not have a vessel to draw the water for themselves.  Take the water and wash the dust from the eyes of those whose sight is clouded and they can not see the joy which lies right before them.  Gently offer the water to those with lips so dry their mouths can not open, with pain and discomfort so present that the dessert and its unceasing ways seem like home.

On finding the well share it, proclaim its wonders, let others too drink deeply of its life giving properties, so that all those with yearning souls too can taste, and in tasting also hear, in hearing see, in seeing understand, and in understanding find the beauty of the dessert for themselves, and what is more know as we do, that the dessert road can lead us out as well as in.

John 4:6-30; Luke 4:18-19

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