Alleluia, alleluia!

He is risen!

(if you haven’t said He is risen indeed, Allueluia, alleluia then go back to Episcoal training school, I joke).

Easter Sunday is always a day of happiness and rejoicing, Jesus has risen from the dead, but it didn’t start happy. Why? Well Mary and the others who arrived at the tomb that first Easter day would have been upset and sad, firstly because Jesus had just died two days before but then what’s this? An empty tomb, that was the final straw, I would have hit rock bottom at that point. Take a moment for Mary, she had to suffer watching losing her son lose his life but now she was faced with no body to mourn over.

We all know it happily didn’t end this way, take a moment today for Mary and the others in their moment of extreme sadness that turned to extreme joy.


2 thoughts on “Alleluia!

  1. Episcopal training school… now there’s an idea. Could we run it like summer camp, and require it for all Holy Week absentees?

    Thanks for a ‘last post’ — though it may be that one or two of the rest of us add in Easter messages once the slump is over.

  2. We could have it the week before Holy Week! and Holy Week could be the final exam. hah.

    We were actually talking about another “training school” at home last night, Coates Hall. My brother’s heading to the priesthood so the whole talk of TISEC or wherever he’s going to go.

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