breathing space

A moment out of season, before the passion comes:

Come, true light.
Come, life eternal.
Come, hidden mystery.

Come, treasure without name.
Come, reality without words.
Come, person beyond all understanding.

Come, rejoicing without end.
Come, light that knows no evening.
Come, unfailing expectation of the saved.
Come, raising of the fallen.
Come, resurrection of the dead.

Come, all-powerful: for unceasingly you create,
refashion and change all things by your will alone.
Come, invisible, whom none may touch or handle.
Come, for you continue always unmoved,
yet at every instant you are wholly in movement;
you draw near to us,
yet you remain higher than the heavens.

Come, for your name fills our hearts with longing
and is ever on our lips;
yet who you are, and what your nature is,
we cannot say or know.

Come, Alone to the alone.
Come, for you are yourself the desire that is in me.
Come, the consolation of my humble soul.
Come, my joy, my endless delight.

— St Simeon
the New Theologian
(d. 1022)

One thought on “breathing space

  1. Thanks for this. A good talisman for Holy Week!

    (except for the part about light without evening – I love the evening too much to ever wish for it to cease – although I prefer it summer style, not at 3pm!)

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