what do you want?

When you set yourself down to pray, what do you want? If you want God to take possession of you then you are praying.  That is all prayer is.  There are no secrets, no short cuts, no methods.  Prayer is the utterly ruthless test of your sincerity.  It is the one place in this world where there is no place to hide. That is it’s bliss — and it’s torment.

Ruth Burrows
Ascent to Love

Do check the link.  There is only one copy left,
and it offers a real test of the depth of your desire.

5 thoughts on “what do you want?

  1. I’m glad this made it off the to do list and into the world (so to speak). Much food for thought in this wee nugget. Will respond more once more digestion has occured.

  2. I remember a midwife saying many years ago that as harassed young Mums we shouldn’t give ourselves a hard time for not sitting peacefully singing or talking to our child. Putting on her vest with love and tenderness would serve. Not sure if dealing with plumbers prayerfully falls into same category but some plumbing don’t have need prayer!

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