Where’d it go?

Did anyone see my post last night?

I put it up just before 9pm, I’d say about 8.40pm.

I went on my Google Reader on my phone earlier to find out if anyone had commented and I saw nothing!

 Just noticed it in my drafts there.
I have no idea why. It said published last night,  it even gave me a “view your post” link!

Sorry 😦 I’ll make sure next week’s goes up properly.

 Just imagine it’s about 9pm last night when you read it!


4 thoughts on “Where’d it go?

  1. Very strange. I went looking for a post in the administrator’s panel last night, since I knew you’d said you would write. It wasn’t there.

    This group of bloggers is turning up problems with WordPress that I’ve never encountered before.

    Either that or WordPress is having a VERY bad week. (and Doug, you can always cheat and edit the time-stamp backwards. But that wouldn’t be very Lenten.)

  2. I have no clue how it happened but I saved this post and thought “I’ll just check one more time” and that’s when I noticed it in my blog.
    I think what I’ll do for now is not post it and then go straight offline, I’ll wait 10mins and come back to make sure it’s published

  3. Alison, don’t run scared!

    I have been blogging on WordPress for over a year, manage 5 blogs, and have never lost a post.

    I don’t know what happened with Doug’s post, but is unlikely in the extreme that it would happen also to yours.

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