Just waiting?

‘And is it so, that he will
Come again? Two thousand years,
Friend, is a long wait.
Come, abandon this
Faint creed, and look
With me on the living.
Surely your love is due to
Yonder big-eyed child, the
Stick limbs a mute reproach
To your pious introspection?’

I turn from the prompting of
Contemporary concern,
Consider those who place
The broken bread on life’s table.
Among the thoughtless prayers
I see the truth: Emmaeus just
Around that bend, the
Holy mountain under a council
Clutter, the marked palms
Of a friend. He is
Here, close companion of
Each day, coming
Quietly to my side,
A felt embrace, a slow smile,
Those eyes I scarce dare meet
For the overflowing love
In which I daily drown.

Two thousand years, friend,
Is the long road he has
Journeyed with us as we limp
Powerless to the atom’s halo.

© C.M.M.

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