administrator’s note

I have had to repent of my choice of theme.  It was too prone to sins of spacing.

So it’s redemption through transformation, which will surprise no one who hears me preach (or indeed, suffers the changes in my blog).

Unless this theme breaks down too, I will not fiddle with it again.

3 thoughts on “administrator’s note

  1. I like this theme, it fits well 🙂

    Also, the Google Calender doesn’t work for some reason 😦 even if I’m signed in or sign out of Google, clicking on the link on the blog it says:

    Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.

    I can view it from within Google though….
    I’ve just gone into the Calender, clicking on the “manage calenders” Click on Beauty From Chaos, near the bottom it says:

    Anyone can: See nothing

    I think that needs to be changed if you were wanting people outwith of the authors to view the scedule.

  2. The schedule is there for the authors. It cannot be changed from the web page — only from Google Calendars (this has to do with wordpress not allowing embeded java). I’ll remove the blog link, since was for our benefit initially.

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