Columba’s Song

ettrick bay

Since Ash Wednesday these words have been running around in my head, so I thought I would share them. It is a hymn written by the Priest who was at St. Mary’s Carden Place Aberdeen when I first went there. It is called Columba’s song but I think equally valid for Lent.

Lord, I am standing here so far from home,
Mine is an island that my sins have made.
Calm raging seas that surge around my heart,
You that commanded, and the storm obeyed.

Lord, give me wings to fly above the waves;
In freedom let me seek another land.
Take my poor tokens of your life in me
When like a dove I come back to your hand.

All-seeing Father, Lord of earth and sky,
Christ, son of Mary, who walked on the sea,
Life-giving Spirit, flame of holy love,
Let me dance with you eternally.

Words: Clive Clapson
Tune: Highland Cathedral by Uli Roever & Michael Korb
Winner of St Columba Competition.
Sponsored by the Columba 1997, Inverness Committee

4 thoughts on “Columba’s Song

  1. Would that be Clive Clapson?

    If so, he is now at St Salvadors in Dundee and Diocesan Director of Ordinands.

    Lovely hymn and I know that tune well.

  2. This tune was played at every Dunoon Grammar School concert for 15 years or more as the finale – massed pipes and wind bands!

  3. Yes, Doug, you are right. It is Clive Clapson, sorry for the typo. He went to St Salvador’s from St Mary’s. Do give him my regards if you see him. Maureen (McKellar)

  4. to love with the spirit is to pity and the man who pities the most loves the most do you have any pity left for your brother
    i have much for you clive i see us both lost in oppisit orbits spinning uncontrollably away from the truth away from eachother we love and pity eachother because we share the same mother we fear and avoid eachother because we do not share the same fathers both of our lives are out of control in oppisit directions but do not worry my brother we will meet again in less than two years our orbits will once again cross
    we will meet our Maker together in a way you are light and i am darkness one cannot exist without the other my Brother
    in two years you will understand that maintaining the near balance between good and evil is what keeps the universe spinning The Creator our God is The Master at maintaining this near balance and He helps evil when good gets too strong and He helps good when evil gets too strong if it were not so we would not exist and i believe we do indeed exist

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