Quality control



I always felt my first proposal was the most successful. The essential thing is to have the right proposal. He could see the merits of it at once – it was simply doing good to poor tired hungry souls. So many would be healed, helped, and their response would in many ways be the more true for a full belly. Men think better when not contorted with worry over where the next mouthful is going to come from, not weak from hunger.

He rejected the proposal for an idea which was ‘noble’, as I suppose one might anticipate; it would misdirect attention. Folk would see him as being about catering. To put it in the more high flown form he preferred: their attention would be on the food he gave them. He wanted it elsewhere, he said. When I left, he thought he had seen the back of me. But he hadn’t. No. I’m not quite that easy to get rid of. I’ve never been a quitter.

You know, my idea never quite left him. Healing, feeding – helping. He could never quite stop himself, could he? He got very, very close. Catering for 5000 – definitely catering, I thought. Yet, I never felt he was quite on line. Sad. A bright beautiful man in his prime – I kept trying to convert him to the very end. We could have done great things together. I really thought that if he had worked for me he would have benefited his own career.

Me? I sort things out. I do it professionally. A professional tester.

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